Trelleborg Rugby Festival 2016

August 13th & 14th  


Pingvin Rugby Club and the municipality of Trelleborg welcome you to join the 19th edition of our international youth tournament in Trelleborg on the south coast of Sweden on August 13th and 14th 2016.

The Rugby Festival offers wide international team participation and excellent youth rugby games as well as some great evening activities such as a Viking Rugby Game, Swimming Bath Adventures, Movie Lounge and more…

A sneak  preview of the tournament schedule…..

Teaser inauguration of festival (For the early arrivals !)

Qualifying Games for all age groups
Break for Pingvin First XV game
Viking Rugby Match (Helmets, melon balls & armoured refs !)
Swimming Bath Bonanza (Free – bring your swimming gear !)
Movie Lounge (Free – bring your popcorn !)
After-Tournament Bar

Last qualifying games, play-offs and finals
Prize ceremony and Social Awards

More information about the tournament can be found at:
The invitation in printable PDF format: TRF2016_invitation

Details & Registration

Please use the attached  TRF_registration form_2016

Participating Teams

U10 (born -08 — -06) 7 á side + 5 subs 2*10 min
U12 (born -05 — -04) 9 á side + 7 subs 2*12 min
U14 (born -03 — -02) 12 á side + 7 subs 2*12 min
F16 (girls born -01 — -00) 7 á side + 5 subs 2*12 min
P16 (boys born -01 — -00) 15 á side + 8 subs 2*12 min
F18 (girls born -99 — -98) 7 á side + 5 subs 2*12 min
P18 (boys born -99 — -98) 15 á side + 8 subs 2*15 min

Players born 1st of September – 31st of December are accepted four months older than official rules.
Note that girls are allowed to play mixed U10-U14.
Team presentation, signed before start of game, has to be verified with ID-card or passport if requested.

All clubs have to bring a referee to the tournament for each level they participate in, except U18. If not, this has to be communicated in advance and is charged with 500 SEK.

Tournament Fee
2000 SEK per club including the first participating team/age group. +300 SEK per additional team.

Payment Details
Bank address: Swedbank AB, Box 1009, S-23125 Trelleborg
Clubs outside Sweden: Iban No SE3080000821493033013917, Swift code SWEDSESS
Swedish clubs: BG 5118-4133

15th of July: Due date for registration and participation fee SEK 2000 SEK /club incl. first team. Second, third etc SEK 300 SEK/team. Not refundable.
1st of August: Due date for accommodation and meals booked through the club

Getting to Trelleborg
It’s possible to arrive by ferry to Trelleborg from Germany and Poland or by flight to Malmö (Sturup airport) or to Copenhagen (Kastrup airport) from where transportation can be arranged.
If you arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark we suggest that you book the train over the bridge to reach Hyllie(Malmö) and the connecting bus No. 146.
Trelleborg is quite a small city on the south coast of Sweden. Please visit

Accommodation & Meals

Standard CMYKPingvin Rugby Club cooperates with Hotel Magasinet. The hotel is ideally situated at the heart of Trelleborg and offers our guests various discounts in relation to our tournament. When contacting the hotel, please refer to Pingvin Rugby Club and the tournmanet for best prices.

The town of Trelleborg also offers other accommodation depending on your preferences. All accommodation is to be found at the website or and has to be, booked directly by your club.

In case you prefer a cheaper alternative it is possible to book – through Pingvin Rugby Club – a classroom or athletic hall to sleep in on the floor, using your own bed arrangements. Please book this already when you register your teams (60 SEK/night/person).

We offer breakfast (40 SEK), lunch (60 SEK) and dinner (60 SEK) during the weekend – also to be booked and paid in advance (see registration form).

During the tournament the club will offer coffee, tea, soft drinks, sweets and fast food.

For questions regarding the tournament and registration please contact: