Ny rapport från Nya Zeeland

Nedan kommer en ny rapport från Simon Jarlsborg som spelar för Petone RUFC i Wellington, Nya Zeeland. Artikeln skrevs till Petone Rugby Clubs hemsida.

 ”Ever since, I saw my first All blacks game on TV, back when I were a kid, my biggest dream has been to go abroad to New Zealand and play rugby. So when I finally finished high school I decided that it was time to try and fullfill my lifelong dream. So for half a year I saved up some money and with the help of my swedish teammate James Mansell I contacted Petone RFC, the club he had played for during his own rugby trip some ten years ago. The respons I got back from Petone was very welcoming, and through the former club captain of Petone RFC Murray Blanford I finished all the details, and so my trip was set.

In early 2013 I left Sweden for New Zealand, and with me I brought my friend Måns Bauer whom had been playing in the same team as me for a few years. My first month in New Zealand, I spent on the road on the southern island enjoying a little freedom away from life going whereever the road brought me. And I got to see pretty much all of what the south island had to offer, having travelled the north island during the world cup back in 2011 I felt that I had seen, in large extent, the whole New Zealand and so I headed for Wellington.

In the beginning of February, me and Måns joined up with Petone RFC and started pre season training. We were greeted warmly and everybody at the club made us feel at home, for example through dinner invitations and letting us tag along to rugby games.

Playing rugby here, was a lot unlike anything I have ever done in terms of excercise. The game, was much faster than what I were used to in Sweden but I embraced the challenge and with the help of my teammates in the U21 white team and my coach Jason Reid I like to think that I have grown as a rugby player over the course of the last season. My time with the Petone U21 white team has been brilliant with great team spirit and brotherhood.

I’ve learned, so much during my time in Petone RFC not only about rugby as a game but about the culture surrounding it and about life in general. Being part of Petone rugby has been like being part of a big family, I’ve met so many wonderfull persons and they are to many to mention them all, they have all changed me and helped me grow as a person and I’m very thankfull to all of them for that.

To round this up I am very thankfull to Petone RFC for helping me fullfill my childhood dream, for giving me a home and a family during my time in New Zealand and for providing me with an amazing experience which is going to last me a lifetime.

Simon Jarlsborg”

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