Social Rugby Games at Easter

Even if there will be no official Easter Games 2010, Pingvin Rugby Club will not stay away from the rugby ball and it’s soaked pitch.
Rugby games will be played during the Easter Friday (Good Friday, Långfredag) with the usual evening confusion to follow…..
We welcome all participating teams and all spectators, fans, worshippers and the local hospital up to Pilevallen.
Participating Teams
Pingvin RC, men
Göteborg RK, men
Lugi Lions RC, men

Pingvin/Malmö, ladies
LadyWasps, ladies
Lugio Lions, ladies

Game schedule
Games are played 11 am – 16 pm on the Friday. First game will be between Pingvin/Malmö ladies and LadyWasps.
Changing rooms adjacent to pitch are available before, during and after games
Mens games are 15 a side and played 2×25 (or 2×30)
Ladies games are 10 a side (15 a side preferable?) and played 2×15 (or 2×25).

Food, barbecue and brunch
Food in the form of sausages, kebabs etc will be available all day + the usual rugby beverages
Barbecue platter after last game is 50 SEK
Brunch at 11 on Saturday is 50 SEK

Viking Game
Directly after the last game we will play a Viking Rugby Game with special Viking rules, Viking match kit, Viking penalties and Viking Prizes.
All players are welcome in this free-for-all with flying substitution – as long as the two teams always are the same number on the pitch.

Eternal glory and partying in Valhalla awaits the winning team. Eternal shame and partying in Valhalla awaits the losing team.
I hope we will have a large bench for this alternative version of rugby…….

Party and Beer Pong Tournament
During and after the barbecue Pingvin will arrange various events such as the usual Loud & Lousy Singing, Dumb Drinking Contests + other suprises.
During the evening we will also play a Beer Pong Tournament and will during the Friday ask for participating teams and their inspiring names. 3 players in each team – at least 1 a lady.

See you all there and have a safe trip!

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